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ScotAsh Ltd.

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ScotAshInitial work on the ScotAsh project involved understanding the business and the range of clients that the company works with, then constructing a survey format to find out about key aspects of the business-to-business customer relationship. Extracting a cross-section of live and lapsed clients across different market segments, we implemented the survey by mail and face-to-face interviews.

Through close control and follow-up of the survey, we generated a 30% overall response from the audience. This has provided vital information for management planning purposes, covering product features, pricing, customer service, delivery and invoicing. It has allowed insight into organizational aspects necessary to maintain and develop customer contact. The survey played an integral part in ScotAsh achieving ISO 9000 2001 status.

Following on from the initial customer satisfaction survey, we were retained to develop regular customer feedback, concentrating particularly on service to end-users. The latest survey of clients was carried out in autumn 2005. We are also currently working on a regular customer marketing programme. This programme involves development of a prospect database and the implementation of campaigns to specific segments, matching products to appropriate customers. The previous survey work revealed the significance of contacting the correct audience, particularly reaching architects, engineers and consultants who influence the buying decision, an intermediary function characteristic of industrial sector marketing.