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Case Studies

This section provides a snap-shot of case studies to illustrate the range of marketing support work carried out by Affinityworks in different organisations and sectors.

Drinks Sector

Traditionally focused on substantial above-the-line ad spend, the drinks sector is beginning to review the benefits compared with more cost-effective approaches, including internet and other new media. Our projects in this arena focus on developing such opportunities:

Current project with Dewars, part of the Bacardi Group, developing website contact, harnessing customer information, building a database and organising for a range of marketing initiatives to develop profitable consumer relationships.

Auditing of websites for Whyte & Mackay and developing their integration within overall marketing activity

Financial Services

Recent activities include development of marketing campaign measurement frameworks, researching service management relationships between providers and IFAs and improving contact management processes:

Project support for an initiative examining ways to improve business relationships between a major Life Assurer and key IFA partners.

Successful implementation of a marketing measurement reporting system for the direct arm of a large Life Assurance Group.

Manufacturing Sector

Marketing support for ScotAsh, the joint-venture operation between Lafarge Industries and Scottish Power, manufacturing specialist cement products using recycled fuel ash generated by coal-fired power stations. Review of client management processes and the establishment of a regular customer satisfaction survey to underpin direct marketing approaches. Subsequent development of a prospect database and marketing programme to match appropriate products to target customers

Environmental Sector

Growth of environmental concerns and legislation impacts on both business and individuals. A central issue is communication to help provide these audiences with key information on compliance (such as WEE directives) or development of community groups to establish recycling / re-use projects. In this regard, we recently helped a Recycling Advisory Group develop a business plan focused on information delivery and reviewed development support for a Lottery-backed Environmental Grant Scheme, making recommendations on ways to improve delivery of information and assistance.

We have also undertaken a review of marketing strategy for The Environment Exchange (a "stock exchange" for purchase and sale of PRN certificates), with particular emphasis on measuring the success of different marketing approaches to New and Existing clients.

Tailored Workshops

For many organizations, a tailored workshop is often sufficient for them to focus their marketing and customer management resources effectively. We have undertaken a number of such programmes. Often, we then work with clients to solve the practical issues surfaced in the workshop environment.

A workshop programme for relationship management teams in a major UK bank to provide training, diagnostic facilities and help in identifying areas for further review and action

A seminar for a creative agency, focusing on customer management and efficient means of marketing

Business Education

We recognise the importance of keeping up to speed with the latest business thinking and in return sharing thoughts from the 'sharp end' on marketing matters. In particular, we have an affiliation with the University of Edinburgh Management School, which extends to MBA guest lecturing and assistance with student projects.

Marketing presentation given by Ross Macleod to MBA students at The University of Edinburgh Management School, November 2004 (download a PowerPoint presentation here 740kb)